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Fun and Outings at CDHS

This page lists recent gatherings and field trips. It includes a brief description plus a link to a complete summary or photo page.

The Reason Rally 2012

Click Reasonrally Rally

Four members of our group braved the 8 hour bus ride each way to show our support for the event. Three took a long car trip. As the deadline to sign up for the bus loomed with insufficient riders, CDHS guaranteed the remaining seats and the trip was a "GO" Enjoy the pictures!

Humanists Bowl 2012

Click Bowling proud

Our social on Sunday, February 19th was right up our alley. Nine humanists bowled and 4 humanists cheered them on. Whether we were bowling in the gutter or getting strikes and spares, there was mirth and merriment galore. Spare Time Lanes in Latham was the perfect place for our rusty, but diligent group to meet and bowl. We were given 3 lanes in the corner, away from the madding crowd, so that we could concentrate on our aim and try to recapture our youth. In spite of the fact that several bowlers hadnít held a ball in quite a while, lots of strikes and spares appeared on the score board. It turned out to be a delightful way to spend a few hours on a cool winter afternoon. Hereís hoping that more people will join us the next time we plan such an activity. Enjoy the pictures!

Costume Party 2012

Click Costume Party costume

Our CDHS costume party occurred at the Beckers home. The "come as something you don't believe in" party was relatively well attended. To everyone's surprise, even the extra-terrestrial visitor from the Anniversary dinner appeared, lending credence to its existence. Witches, soothsayers & fortune tellers, vampires, a blind referee, the red-tape government man, Poseidon, a mermaid, cave woman and dinosaur- both claiming not to know each other, angels and devil, and lastly but not leastly, Adam and Eve showed their faces (and alot more!) There was plenty of good food, so all survived their non-existences. Enjoy the pictures!

Anniversary Dinner- 2010

Click ET appears ET

Another large turnout of CDHS members made the Anniversary dinner a delight. Our dinner was "graced" by two special guests. John Delano from SUNY Albany, spoke about recent discoveries of inhabitable planets. Then, to everyone's surprise, an extra-terrestrial visitor appeared, lending truth to Mr. Delano's reports. A good time was had by all- even ET. Enjoy the pictures!

Murder Mystery Dinner at The Siegals'

Click Murdermystery Murder Image

A large turnout of CDHS members made the murder mystery dinner especially enjoyable. Members enjoyed the wonderful faire gathered by the gracious hosts, while trying to decypher clues as to who murdered A. Big Scam, senior partner of the law firm Lie, Cheat and Steal. More murders followed, as the plot thickened. Enjoy the pictures!

CDHS Members help with Aidswalk!

Click AIDSWalk 2007 Aidswalk Image

CDHS members enjoyed the delightful weather and helped with registration and distributed sweatshirts and T- shirts to participants. Once again, the entire affair was a rousing success and gave all involved a warm feeling of friendship. Enjoy the pictures!

CDHS Members get Proctors Tour!

Click Tour of Schenectady's Proctors Theater Proctors Image

Schenectady has returned to the limelight! Proctors CEO Philip Morris is playing a big part in that process. Members of CDHS saw first hand what is being done to Proctors Theater and how it is revitalizing the entire downtown Schenectady area. We enjoyed lunch at the Parker Inn and then a first hand guided tour by the very knowledgeable and deeply caring Mr. Morris. Sights included the backstage area, dressing rooms, as well as the new theater annex and box office areas. A most enjoyable tour!

Pottery Painting Social Results!

CDHS Members met at the "Color Me Mine" Pottery shop in Albany and here are the fantastic results.

Great Job, CDHS Artisans!

Pottery Images

Click here For more pictures!

Click CDHS Indian Ladder Trail Field Trip Helderberg Image

The Helderbergs were the 'place to be' on Sunday, October 15th, when CDHS members ejoyed an invigorating walk along the Indian Ladder trail in Southern Albany County. When Lori Lipman Brown (Saturday's Anniversary Dinner guest speaker) suggested a short hike in the area, CDHS members jumped at the chance of introducing her to this famous and historic trail. Enjoy the pictures!

Click AIDSWalk 2006 Aidswalk Image

CDHS members braved the questionable weather forecast Sunday, October 1, and were rewarded with partial sunshine and a wonderful gathering of folks supporting AIDS Services. Registration and Shirt handouts was a rousing success and gave all involved a warm feeling of friendship. Enjoy the pictures!

Click CDHS Half Moon Field Trip Half Moon Image

CDHS members had a delightful day Saturday, September 23, with Lunch at Jillians and a guided, fact-filled tour of Henry Hudson's replica sailing ship- Half Moon. Enjoy the pictures!

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