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Who are humanists?


Here are just a few of the thousands of people whose views, over the centuries, have placed them in the mainstream of humanist thought:

John Adams
Steve Allen
Susan B. Anthony
Isaac Asimov
Jeremy Bentham
Irving Berlin
Ambrose Bierce
Luther Burbank
John Chancellor
Samuel Clemens
Samuel T. Coleridge
Francis Crick
Marie Curie
Charles Darwin
Walter “Walt” Disney
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Benjamin Franklin
Stephen Jay Gould
Ernest Hemingway
Sidney Hook
Howard Hughes
Thomas Huxley
Robert G. Ingersoll
Thomas Jefferson
Burt Lancaster
John Lennon
Abraham Lincoln
James Madison
H. L. Mencken
Francois Mitterrand
Thomas Paine
Linus Pauling
Ayn Rand
Eleanor Roosevelt
Carl Sagan
Margaret Sanger
Albert Schweitzer
Charles Schultz
William Shakespeare
Percy Shelley
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Frank Lloyd Wright


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